EVENT RATE: the new and innovative rating system for sporting events

EVENT RATE (www.eventrate.org): the new and innovative rating system for sporting events.

Do we know the sporting events that generate more “impact”?

And the most “sustainable events”?

The organizers must find the right way to collect partnerships. On the other side, sponsors need to understand the real value of any single event and the coherence with their own marketing and communication strategies.

How the sponsorship can be integrated into the marketing or social responsibility policy?

EVENT RATE is ready. The objective: measuring the economic, social, environmental, and image impact, generated by sporting events. And assigning a rating.

What is the news? It is global. It is suitable for all. It is comparable.

Who will get the first “triple gold”?

The Event Rate team is at your disposal. We are ready to assess the sporting events, to select our “EVENT RATE CERTIFIERS“, to evaluate international partners and to answer any of your questions.

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